Wala akong choice kundi patawarin siya kasi wala na siya.

April 21, 2022

I met him back in high school. We just knew each other’s name but never kami nagkaroon ng conversation. He was active in sports and school’s council while I was busy preparing for my coronation’s night. Itago ninyo ako sa pangalan “Desire.” Year 2010, my whole family moved to USA. I didn’t have Facebook until year 2012. Typical teenager, gustong “IN” sa mga uso, social media, so I finally decided to give it a try. I was new on FB so para updated ako sa community in my former school, I decided to add whoever I see na from my high school.

One day, I was really homesick and I just messaged this guy randomly. Itago natin sa pangalang “France.” I just asked him what time it was in PH, but I never intended to really have a conversation with him. But our story started there. I never knew you na possible pala to love a person na milya-milya ang layo sa’yo. We were talking for a week and we became a couple. I know right? A week. I was immature and bored. I fell in love, we fell in love. I didn’t know what I was doing, all I knew was in love, na in love kami. We would videochat and talk everyday. Sometimes 24 hours straight pa. Our relationship was messy as expected. LDR so normal ang selosan, away, at misunderstandings. Lagi ko siyang sinu-surprise with a lot of things especially kapag special events. Open kami sa both sides ng family. Kahit malayo, kapag fiesta sa amin napunta whole family niya and vice versa. ‘Yung feeling na kahit sobrang layo sobrang welcome ng family niya sakin. Lagi ko nakakausap sa videocall mommy niya, yung mga siblings niya “Hi hello lang.” I understand naman na medyo awkward kasi walang formal na introduction in person.

Sundan ang kuwento ni Desire dito sa Raqi’s Secret Files.


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