Ikakasal ako sa taong hindi ko mahal

July 16, 2021

Hi DJ Raqi. I’ve been following you for quite some time but more on sa social media na lang since I barely get the chance to catch you on the radio. Not sure either if this is the proper way to share my story and get comments from your followers so I can get other people’s views. So here it goes. I’m sorry if this is too long for you to take but hopefully, it gets out.

Call me D. I’m currently working in some company in Manila. Okay naman. My career is going well. I’m earning good enough for my needs. I have this partner, let’s call her Annie who’s been with me for more than a decade now (yes we’re high school sweethearts.)

So basically, it’s like we know each other mula ulo hanggang paa. Though this decade of togetherness was not straight, naligaw rin naman kami pareho ng landas at some point but we just manage to get back everytime.

I was triggered to write to you after ko mabalitaan ‘yung kwento ni Scottie Thompson. And to be honest, my reaction within myself was nakakainggit. Why? The story starts in 2015. I was working for a company in Laguna though tiga ibang lugar ako. I also have Annie during this time so there was really no intention of doing anything stupid and I love her. One day, we were introduced to some new hires from other departments. Here I met AA.

It went okay since usually naman, pinapakilala sa lahat ‘pag may new hires especially sa mga taong makaka-interact niya directly sa work. AA was also an Engineer like myself though magkaiba kami ng function, but ‘yung work namin is 90% tied up to each other so eventually we got close and became friends.

It was all professional and platonic naman for me initially but as time goes by it’s really hard to stop on something that pleases your heart. During this time, AA has a boyfriend but it was all problematic and on the rocks then ako naman I have Annie but konti lang ‘yung time namin kasi magkalayo kami. And obviously, it was a recipe for disaster. AA and I have fallen for each other. We share the same interests and get along really well.

She fell hard for me and so do I for her.


Sundan and Secret File Story ni D, dito sa DJ Raqi’s Secret Files.



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