“Hinayaan ko na lang mamatay ang mama ko.”

July 19, 2022

Hinayaan ko na lang mamatay ang mama ko.”
Hi DJ Raqi,

Itago mo po ako sa pangalan Francis. Medyo bago lang po ako nakikinig sa programa nyo ng tuloy tuloy, pero matagal na akong fan ng Love Radio. Naririnig ko kayo kapag nasa Jeep at Bus ako kapag nasa byahe, at sa mga kapit bahay namin na fan din ng Love Radio.

Simulan ko ang kwento sa kung sino ba ako. Pangalawa ako sa 3 mag kakapatid sa aming Ina.Lumaki kami in a broken family, gaya ng karamihan. Pero hindi ito naging hadlang upang lumaki kaming 3 mag kakapatid na maayos at makapag tapos ng pag aaral sa kolehiyo. By the way, I’m a born again Christian.

I wanted you to meet my mother Michelle. We all grew up knowing her as a Ladies Brigade in our Barangay for so long, she’s a typical mom, like most of the other mom, syempre kilala sya sa lugar namin, takbuhan sya kapag may mga kailangan yung mga kapit bahay namin sa barangay, sya palagi ang tanungan. So we can say, she made many friends including the Brgy. Captain, Kagawads, and other Brgy. staffs. And she’s a typical house mom though she never had a stable job, since yung naka live-in nya ang bumubuhay sa kanya at nag bibigay ng kaunting tulong sa aming mag kakapatid. Being a Christian, I invited my mom to attend to one of our Sunder service at church together with my Lola. Way back 2014, when I became a Christian, my mom service to our church at Victory Mall Caloocan and my mom and my Lola received Christ as her Lord and personal saviour, and I was very happy about it.

We’re all going to college, so my mother has to go to abroad to work as Domestic Helper since hindi na kaya ng Uncle namin na tustusan pa ang pag aaral namin. My mom started working abroad when I’m about to graduated from High School, so almost 10-11 years din na pabalik balik si Mama and typical na yung parents mo nasa ibang bansa, we often times na nakaka musta namin si Mama, and having a DH mom, they will endure all the pain and hardships kahit na may sakit sila para lang makapag padala sa aming pangangailangan.

And time has come, in the year 2020 pandemic hit. Our mother was forced to go home due to her medical condition, she was bleeding at work, and her fever always goes back every night and day. She’s scheduled to go home in March of 2020, but it got delayed due to a pandemic and she got home with us in July of 2020, I run into her hotel and pick her up to go home. In the month of August of 2020, she attended to her medical needs and did all the laboratory needed to one of the public hospitals in Manila to find out what exactly her condition was. She chose that Hospital because she told us that her first doctor who diagnosed her condition in the early 2000s was still in that hospital but already in a higher position so she was referred to the other doctors of her condition. We are so confident that she’ll be in good hands. So after she went home from Hospital, I remember, I was the one who’s the first person to know her condition. She came and I ran to her, she barely can’t contain her feelings and she cried full of emotions, she was diagnosed with Stage 4B Cervical Cancer, at first, I’m speechless, I didn’t know what to say, but I remember, I said to her, we will overcome this, we will fight this battle together, we’ll take care of you until you’re healed and we both cried to each other because no one will comfort her at that time, I was the only one at home. I asked my Mom, where did she get it, she says, it progress when she had a partner and during sexual intercourse, it triggers the virus in her body. Knowing our mom, she had 2 live-in partners after our father.

So, we knew her illness. I didn’t know how to support my Mom, I was jobless at the time we knew she was sick, so I can’t support her needs yet. My brother has a job but, he has 2 kids already, our youngest sister, is working as a teacher in a private school in Parañaque, but her salary wasn’t enough. Days after we know our mother’s condition we celebrated her 46th birthday at home with all my 2 siblings. We’re all happy and so positive that we will overcome this huge trial of our life as a family. At that time I was planning to propose to my long-time Girlfriend, and I said it to my mom on her birthday. Being a Christian, my faith is that God will help us by providing for the needs of our mom, personally, I wasn’t afraid of what the future holds for us because I’m convinced that whatever happens, I know my Mom will go to heaven.

Sundan ang kwento ni Francis dito sa Raqi’s Secret Files.


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