• Dj Marie Curista

      Real Name: Aira Angelie D. Arzadon



      Bubbly person, with a good sense of humor. Always crack jokes and makes “Hugot” out of everything. Segment 1 comes with Q and A Portion where listeners share their thoughts about the DJ’s question of the day and Segment 2 with Daily dose of Horoscope.


      Board Work Schedule: (Monday to Friday) 5am-8am & 10am-11am,  (Saturday) 5am-9am.

      Email Address:

      FanPage (FB Page):

      Instagram: @djmariecurista

      Mobile #: 0927-9907-879

    • Dj Karl Gador

      Real Name: Aries Sison Sinlao



      A person who has romantic notions about life. For a hopeless romantic, Life = equals LOVE. He thinks about love and romantic relationships in a different way than other people. He often talks about matters of the heart; he gives pieces of advice to our listeners. And usually gives a thought of the day before his show ends. In Addition, he has an innovative characteristic and fondness in giving entertainment in a very unique and unusual enjoyment to the entire listeners. He gets the “kiliti ng masa” because of the flirty words during the program. He easily gains the trust and captures the emotion of Listeners, because of his clever and ingenious adlibs. Program LOVERADIO DATE w/ Djkarl gador (Portion Segment): A LOVE NOTE for YOU, A LOVE SONG FOR TWO~ Reading Love message and playing theme song as requested. Love Radio STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART “DEAR HEART” ~ Love life Story Problem Sharing- Loveradio payong goodhealth lang -Loveradio trivia muna tayo, Loveradio Birthday today’s meaning, Meron akong kwento (joke) Love for Play and The Love Buzz:


      Board Work Schedule: (Monday to Friday) 11am-3pm.

      (Sunday) 11am-4pm.


      Email Address:

      FanPage (FB Page):

      Mobile #: 09100088853


    • Dj Myka Hera

      Real Name: Christie Yllaine G. Miranda



      Very witty and funny during board work. Makes the listener stick to an afternoon delight of her program. She has an energetic persona that makes the listeners have this “Good Vibe” during afternoon siesta straight to evening session. Segment 1 comes with “Usapang Anek, Tanong ni DJ Myka” on the second hour which lets the listener be touched by some stories and Segment 2 with “Usapang Istorya” on the third hour to last.

      Board Work schedules: Monday-Friday 3pm-7pm, Saturday 2pm-6pm


      Email Address:

      FanPage (FB Page): www.facebook/mykahera,

      Twitter: @mykahera

      Instagram: @mykahera

      Mobile #: 09175240642

    • Dj Rey Romantiko

      Real Name: Reynante Carrera



      A person with a touch of hip and trendy. He is simple, kind, loving, and music enthusiast. His empathy makes him feel at ease spreading the magic of Love. Be part of his interactive program segment “Dugtungan mo kabisyo”: Love Phrase ~ as he draws opinions of open minded people of all ages. Be improved by your vocabulary as he introduces “kabisyo Word of the Day” that can help you in daily Conversations.

      Special Program: Love Talk with Rey Romantiko, Monday to Friday 7pm-11pm, Saturday 6pm-10pm


      Email Address:

      Mobile #: 0919-938-6647